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totally worth it by wedgejaeger totally worth it by wedgejaeger
I'm not going to say it was the logical answer to the situation, but it was totally satisfying to end a conversation that way.

I played through Mass Effect once already, straight through the story, and did it all Light Side like. well, now I'm playing back through it as a ruthless renegade chick I just called Sniper, cause thats the main reason I made another character, I wanted a sniper rifle. right now I'm going to every planet in the galaxy that doesn't have to do with the main plot, and you run into a lot of stuff like this.

Renegade (Dark Side for you KotOR people) just gets things over with, while letting you be a jerk and kill everybody, yet still get commended for your actions by the Alliance military. I don't have to go through insanely long dialogs to get on someones good side, I just abuse the "intimidate" function.

you feel more emotionally attached to your teammates if you play Paragon (Light Side) and get super pissed when they *spoiler* start dying on you one by one. I lost some of my best squad-mates because of situations that could have been avoided earlier in the game*end spoiler*

but when you play Renegade, so long as your best two gunmen are alive, who cares, the rest of the crew can have "accidents" that might leave them floating in the void.

[edit] also, I really don't like Ashley, but I keep her around cause she's got a sniper rifle. as soon as I can equip Wrex with one, she's gone.
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glodric Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007
Bahahaha, I punched the reporter too.

And then got reprimanded for it later. >_>

But with this assignment, I picked "Go ahead." The soldier shot the scientist and then shot himself. Needless to say, I was traumatized.


Ashley annoyed the crap outta me too, so I didn't really hesitate to dump her when it came down to Kaidan or Ashley. Especially since I played female!Shepard, so, y'know, gotta watch out for my man candy.

wedgejaeger Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
dang, he shoots himself? I still got props from the Alliance after I shot the scientist myself. as much as I try to be a jerk, I keep getting paragon points. Like I saved Wrex cause he's one of my best dudes, however I did save those colonists with knock out gas, I really should have killed all those people.

man candy...ew
Burnouts3s3 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2007
:lmao: That's hilarious! Man, Renegade is what it's all about!
Hey, did you punch out the reporter at the Citadel?
wedgejaeger Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
what!? that would have been awesome! missed that opportunity...
Erethte Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
It was hidden as 'Leave now.' I didn't do it but I was sitting there when my brother did and we saw him punch the reported and we were both "HOLYSHIT. THATWASAWESOME."

We made Shepard Punch jokes for the next 2 days.
wedgejaeger Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
why has no one made a "Shepard Punch!" meme? sounds like a challenge!
Erethte Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2009
I can imagine the questions.

"Num. 3 Draw your Shep punching whatever character annoyed you the most."
I can imagine a lot of Liara and Ashley in there.

"Num. 7 Have Shep use SHEPARD PUNCH in bed."

If I had mad meme skillz I'd make one. But Vista doesn't like my Photoshop and won't install so I can't make it. D :
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November 27, 2007
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